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★★★★★ 10/26/2018

Went with the Bold Massage in preparation for an upcoming triathlon. Described my situation to Jeff and he did a great job targeting the focus areas to the common areas that could use work. Great experience end to end and will definitely be coming back for round 2 at some point!

— Patrick W., Ann Arbor, MI

Source: Yelp



Overall awesomeness

— Jared E., Oakland, CA

Source: Square


★★★★★ 10/7/2018

Jeff is an excellent massage therapist. He's thoughtful not only about your experience in the moment, but you as person. One of the best human beings I've met. Willing to travel into the City from Novato for this guy!

— Mark O’Neil., San Francisco, CA

Source: Yelp, Google


★★★★★ 9/2/2018

Jeff is a great massage therapist - communicative, adaptable, professional, and attentive.

— Erin Bailie

Source: Google


★★★★★ 8/6/2018

Jeff is excellent at his craft and is highly recommended.  His studio is super comfortable and is the perfect environment for a therapeutic massage.  Jeff was super intuitive and was able to easily identify my problem areas on my shoulders and lower back.  I felt extremely relaxed when I left and my aches and pains were eliminated after the 90 minutes.  Wether you have an injury or its part of your self-care...Jeff is definitely worth making an appointment.

— Peter C., San Francisco, CA

Source: Yelp


★★★★★ 6/29/2018

Jeff is great!

He made me comfortable immediately in a very safe, respectful, soothing and clean environment. 

In terms of the massage itself, he was very focused on understanding the nature of my needs and adapting his approach to the massage therapy to suit in a very mindful manner. I also appreciated that he focused on teaching me tricks and tips afterwards to treat myself to create a more sustainable solution for me. 

Jeff is also fun to talk to during the massage - we talked about all sorts of topics during our time together.

Already booked my second massage with him!

— Arif K., San Francisco, CA

Source: Yelp


★★★★★ 6/26/2018

I was referred to Jeff by another massage therapist who was out of town and unable to see me.  A recommendation from someone in the business counts for a lot and Jeff absolutely lived up to, and exceeded, my expectations.  Jeff makes you feel comfortable and welcome and his technique is divine.  His sweet personality is also a big plus! I truly felt like he was establishing a connection during our session and not just going through the motions.  I loved my first session so much I made a second appointment for my birthday a few weeks later.

— Jim W., Chicago, IL

Source: Yelp


★★★★★ 6/11/2018

Going to a masseur for the first time can be a pretty daunting task because if they're terrible, you could be stuck for an hour on the table, cursing every person who gave the place a good review and counting down the seconds until you get to run back home. That, is a lot of seconds. 

Luckily for me, Jeff was fantastic! I came in with a pain in my left lower back due to overtraining that refused to ease up even after staying away from the gym for 10 days and getting a (really expensive) sports massage at a fancy place in the city. Jeff heard me out, asked some questions and quickly got to work. The massage itself felt really relaxing at the time but the best thing about it was when I woke up the next day, the pain was almost gone. A couple more days and I was back in the gym enjoying my back squats again. I also appreciated him going over the 1 hour time slot to explain some of the things I could be doing to help reduce the pain. 

He's friendly, the place is welcoming, the playlist is great and the massage is awesome. I couldn't have asked for more!

— Nitin D., San Francisco, CA

Source: Yelp


★★★★★ 5/30/2018

I had such a great massage with Jeff! The space is super quaint and welcoming, he has an amazing intuition about touch, and he is super friendly! Basically everything you want in a great massage you get with Jeff! Check him out!

— Stephanie Z., San Francisco, CA

Source: Yelp


★★★★★ 5/16/2018

Jeff is very thoughtful about how he approaches your massage based on your needs and limitations. He helped me to pay attention to the places I was holding tension, and spent some time with me at the end of the session talking about ways I could move forward more mindfully. 

I felt really cared for, and appreciate the serene space he provides. At times I felt like I was floating, and I left with a feeling of well being. I think this guy is a healer, seriously.

— Christopher D., San Francisco, CA

Source: Yelp


★★★★★ 11/14/2017

Both Jeff's hands and personality have a warm, calming feeling. I felt comfortable and welcome in his space, and he did everything to make sure I was satisfied. I'll definitely be booking another massage when I return to SF!

— Jared F., Somerville, MA

Source: Yelp


★★★★★ 10/12/2017

Jeff is absolutely amazing!

As a small business owner of a local flower shop I am constantly on my feet covered in dirt and exhaustion.  Despite the 18 hour days and back breaking creative work I have never in my life had a massage. My partner decided it was time and booked me a surprise birthday massage at the bold massage. 

I was incredibly nervous and had no idea what to expect going in to it but Jeff was perfect. He made me feel so welcome and comfortable. The massage itself was literally like nothing I had ever experience, words can't describe how fantastic I felt during and afterwards. 

Needles to say my partner and I are now both regulars and would recommend it to anyone looking for some needed self care!

— Benjamin B., San Francisco, CA

Source: Yelp


★★★★★ 10/11/2017

Jeff is absolutely wonderful. I cannot suggest him enough as he is both an excellent masseuse and has the kindest spirit. I plan on continuously booking sessions with him as a groundwork of overall wellness and self care as often as I can!
Thanks, Jeff!

— Emerson Boyle

Source: Facebook


★★★★★ 10/8/2017

— Benjamin Wilson

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★★★★★ 10/7/2017

— Benjamin Wilson

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★★★★★ 10/6/2017

Jeff is an exceptional massage therapist. The whole process was seamless, responsive, professional, and tranquil. 

Booking an appointment was without hurdles and Jeff's responsiveness about questions is prompt. Jeff made me feel at ease right when I walked into his studio with a warm smile and comforting nature. 

The massage itself was incredibly uplifting and soothing. Jeff takes the time to check-in about the pressure throughout the massage and is systematic with his technique and flow. At the time, I was biking a lot and he made sure to tailor the session to those specific needs. I would describe the massage as both ethereal and alleviating. Go get one now!

— Robin B., Alameda, CA

Source: Yelp


★★★★★ 10/5/2017

— Todd O'Leary

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★★★★★ 10/5/2017

— Mark O'Neil

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★★★★★ 9/27/2017

Jeff is amazing - one of the best massages I have ever had. He made me feel very comfortable and checked in to make sure that the pressure was what I needed.  Great space, music, and overall atmosphere. Can't wait to schedule my next appointment! Thank you, Jeff!

— Anna J., Potrero Hill, San Francisco, CA

Source: Yelp


★★★★★ 9/16/2017

This was my first ever massage, with the purpose of relaxing / de-stressing. On arrival Jeff made me feel very welcome, explained the process and asked if I had any concerns or any particular issues I wanted help with. I'm not quite sure where the 90 minutes went except in a blur of calm. I left feeling like a new person. I would highly recommend a visit to Jeff.

— Michael M., San Francisco, CA

Source: Yelp


★★★★★ 8/31/2017

I did my initial session with Jeff. Better than anticipated. Relaxing space and he worked the areas I requested with more focus as well as the overall massage. I am working on incorporating a visit on a routine basis.

— D.T. Faas

Source: Facebook


★★★★★ 8/22/2017

Jeff is an amazingly intuitive massage therapist who engenders a feeling of trust. 

— Richard Smith

Source: Google


★★★★★ 8/7/2017

Hands down the best massage therapist I've met. Before meeting Jeff, I had tried about a dozen different massage therapists in and around San Francisco but did not go a second time; most of them were "pretty good" but I didn't leave with the sense that I absolutely needed to return. I have now been to The Bold Massage three times and plan on continuing regularly. Jeff is well-trained in many massage modalities and I find his input and wellness guidance to be very helpful. My last two visits, I was dealing with pain flares in my right hip; I think Jeff struck a great balance with working the hips in a productive/effective way without exacerbating pain in the area. I felt significantly better the next day in terms of increased mobility and less pain. 

Other details about The Bold Massage that make it stand out positively: 
-10% discount on your next massage if you book your appointment at the end of your massage
-Frequent specials (e.g. 10-25% off) for booking packages or return appointments
-Clean, modern studio in the Mission
-Good range of availability morning-evening Tuesday-Saturday
-Easy to use online booking system

— Will H., San Francisco, CA

Source: Yelp


★★★★★ 8/1/2017

Jeff is great! A fantastic, relaxing massage in my opinion. I will book with Jeff again. He's the real deal. He is nice and welcoming and has a very nice space. I can't wait to see him again.

— Danny L., San Francisco, CA

Source: Yelp



Jeff is great. Needed a therapeutic massage for injured hip and it could not have been better.

— Ray C., San Francisco, CA

Source: Square


★★★★★ 5/19/2017

Jeff has all the qualities you look for in a massage therapist. He's incredibly talented, professional, friendly and everything in between. I just had a session with him last night and I'm still in a blissful, state of mind; I would highly recommend him to anyone.

— Erik G., North Hollywood, CA

Source: Yelp


★★★★★ 3/29/2017

Jeff is an incredibly talented, professional and personable massage therapist.  He made me feel immediately at ease, and he checked in with me, on the pressure level and my comfort.  His warm, caring, well-trained hands are an absolute joy...and each massage feels special.  I have seen him 2x in the last couple of months...and I just booked my 3rd appt.

— Gonzalo M., San Francisco, CA

Source: Yelp


★★★★★ 3/29/2017

Jeff is a gifted massage therapist, very attentive, intuitive, and present with his work.

— Blake Rawdin

Source: Facebook


★★★★★ 3/29/2017

— Chetan Lamba

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★★★★★ 3/29/2017

— Kevin Kidd

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★★★★★ 3/29/2017

Jeff is thoughtfully tailors his work to his clients' particular needs and desires. He understands the body and how to treat it, and he has created a comfortable and safe space where you can truly relax.

— Orianne Dutka

Source: Facebook


★★★★★ 3/27/2017

Jeff gives a terrific massage. He's a nice guy who is very approachable and it's clear he's had good training. I was having some problems with back pain and just generally wanted to relax and he took very good care of me. I'll be back for sure -- it was one of the most pleasant massages I've had in quite a while. The location is good and his massage space is excellent. His online schedule is a real plus for me too.

— Ken, San Francisco, CA

Source: Masseurfinder


★★★★★ 3/15/2017

As my first time getting a massage, I was surprisingly nervous and not sure what to expect. I heard about Jeff from a friend and decided to try it out. I'm so glad I did!

Jeff is welcoming and he helped orient me with clear expectations that put me at ease. The space had gentle lighting (from candles) and is simple and clean. The massage itself was both gentle and deep, and I felt so relaxed it was like a dream.

Definitely going back to Jeff for my next massage!

— Otter T., Los Angeles, CA

Source: Yelp


★★★★★ 2/15/2017

Jeff is amazing!! I love his studio and location and felt relaxed the moment I first walked in on my first visit!  Jeff's ability to focus and adjust based on what is going on with my body makes every trip special!  I've had deep to relaxing massages and Jeff was instrumental in my recovery from a long term knee problem!  Grateful I finally found this guy!! Thank you!!

— Rod D., Fremont, CA

Source: Yelp



Jeff is an amazing massage therapist, intuitive, nice and so cute!

— Raul D., San Francisco, CA

Source: Square


★★★★★ 1/4/2017

I truly loved my experience with Jeff. He has a sensitive, caring touch and knows where to find the problem areas. He has a great presence and I felt totally comfortable with him. I will definitely be back.

— Ross C., San Francisco, CA

Source: Yelp



★★★★★ 12/10/2016

Thank you for always providing the best massage experience ever. 😉

— Richard Smith

Source: Facebook


★★★★★ 11/26/2016

Jeff is one of the best massage therapists I have seen over the many years that I have been receiving twice monthly bodywork.  He is professional, knowledgeable and caring.  Each session is very focused and he has been able to work through several problem areas of mine.  Seeing him is the highlight of my week!

— David D., San Francisco, CA

Source: Yelp


★★★★★ 10/7/2016

Hands-down one of the best massages I've had.  It's quite obvious Jeff is passionate about what he does, and is very talented at it.  It was a great mix of modalities, including sports, deep tissue, stretching, swedish, reflexology.  The space was easy to get to, clean, and professional.  Jeff made me feel welcome and right at home.  I also have to commend his business efficiency: you can schedule, fill out all necessary paperwork, and confirm your appointment all online.  He made the entire experience easy, professional, and efficient.  I will definitely return.

— Mike L., Washington, DC

Source: Yelp


😀 Customer Service, Quality, Wait Time 8/8/2016

Jeff was excellent! I was visiting from out of town and he adjusted his schedule to accommodate me. The space was good, the massage was great! I'd definitely go back on my next trip! Thank you!

— Ron S., New York, NY

Source: Square


★★★★★ 7/27/2016

Yesterday I had my first massage experience with Jeff.  I've had massages from several different people over the last decade and Jeff by far is at the top of the list.  It didn't take long in the massage to realize that Jeff is a well trained and knowledgeable masseur.  He checks in just the right amount of times.  His work space is clean and the massage table is super comfy.  I couldn't help but doze off a couple times throughout the experience.  I'd highly recommend Jeff and plan on going again next time I'm in San Francisco.

— Andrew M., Novato, CA

Source: Yelp


★★★★★ 6/23/2016

Jeff is so wonderful. He is very intuitive and pays attention to your needs and comfort level. The quality of his touch is amazing. Very nurturing, caring, and gentle, yet therapeutic. He will leave you wanting more. Every time I get a massage from Jeff, I feel like I literally just melt into the table because I'm able to relax completely, knowing that I am in great hands. Thank you Jeff! :) Book your appointment with him now and experience a BOLD massage. It'll be the best decision you've made!

— Darlene A., San Francisco, CA

Source: Yelp


★★★★★ 5/3/2016

Jeff has passion for his craft and I think so much of society lacks that. He's got a great pre-massage questionnaire that he had me fill out before and I was pleasantly surprised to know that he read it and wanted to know about me before he started. Jeff is a kind soul and a great inspiration. His massage was fantastic and it will leave you refreshed so that you can take on the challenge of the day. I highly recommend The Bold Massage to anyone who lives in the Bay area or may just be visiting.

— Charlie W., Colorado Springs, CO

Source: Yelp


★★★★★ 4/15/2016

Jeff is an amazing masseuse!!! He is professional and tactful...making you feel so comfortable from the moment you walk in.  He naturally possesses a calming demeanor accented by his high attention to whatever your needs may be.  What diamond in the ruff in San Francisco, I will surely be recommending all my friends to see him!

— Charlie C., Morrisville, NC

Source: Yelp


★★★★★ 4/11/2016

I have seen Jeff several times for massages now and will continue to see him for massage. I never go for anything less than 2 hours because the time flies so fast and it's amazing how much tension one can carry. He is thorough and it's an amazing full body massage! I always leave feeling refreshed, energized and in good spirits. Jeff has great energy and aura. His space is a cute spot and though it's not my favorite part of the city, I'd see him wherever his office is. Be good to yourself and book a 2 hour massage session! Thank you Jeff for taking care of me, making me feel safe, and helping me with self care. See you soon!

— Gil C., San Francisco, CA

Source: Yelp


★★★★★ 4/5/2016

Jeff was a fantastic masseur. He was extremely sensitive and responsive to my needs and asked enough questions to provide the best massage possible without being overly distracting or intrusive. The massage was great and the pressure and technique were just right. I definitely came out feeling relaxed yet energized for the days ahead. The atmosphere was on point too. Would definitely recommend to those looking to get their muscles pushed in.

— Aaron M., Inner Sunset, San Francisco, CA

Source: Yelp


★★★★★ 12/28/2015

— Andres Felipe Rosales

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★★★★★ 12/4/2015

I came in with no expectations, and i was floored. This guy is a gem, incredibly caring and passionate about his work. His technique is superb, he checks in with you to know if you want the pressure deeper or lighter. Every stroke is very intentional and sincere. His touch is firm yet so doting. I highly recommend him.

— Anonymous, San Francisco, CA

Source: Masseurfinder


★★★★★ 11/25/2015

Hands down the best massage I have ever had. I had an "Amazing Massage" by Jeff today! I had a 60 minutes full body massage. I loved every single minute of it. Jeff has a friendly personality. He made me feel very comfortable and free to discuss my preferences on pressure. The massage itself was awesome. Jeff has strong hands to sooth and work out knots. He did a great job at making it an overall relaxing massage. He takes his time massaging every inch at just the right pressure. And finally, his studio was clean and cute. It was so relaxing and I enjoyed every second! Jeff is the best and I am so happy I found him! Professional, thoughtful, strong, and gentle - I highly recommend!!!

Looking forward to the next time I get to go to The Bold Massage :)

— Archimède B., San Francisco, CA

Source: Yelp


★★★★★ 10/28/2015

Jeff is a great Masseur. He focuses on individual needs of the client and customizes the massage with utmost professionalism and care. In every session, he worked with me to understand the problem areas, what worked in the past and what did not and ensured that he customized the massage & focused on the problem areas. He is very receptive to making adjustments based on client's need. The studio is very cute and conveniently tucked in the mission district. After every massage, I felt fully relaxed and muscles felt great for days. I highly recommend him!

— Chet L., San Francisco, CA

Source: Yelp


★★★★★ 10/26/2015

I had an awesome massage with Jeff. He came to my home and set up an incredibly relaxing space for me - every detail was perfect and set the stage for a great experience. Jeff asked a few questions upfront and I felt like he really listened and was responsive to my needs. I like a firm massage and Jeff really delivered. I highly recommend him!

— Kate S., Berkeley, CA

Source: Yelp


★★★★★ 9/2/2015

I would highly recommend Jeff - he is very detail oriented and made me feel very at ease. He was very attentive to areas I asked him to focus on, which I appreciated. Overall, the experience was seamless, from the music to the massage oil used to the sheets. I will definitely go back again!

— Kevin K., San Francisco, CA

Source: Yelp


★★★★★ 10/8/2014

Jeff helped me get some calf and quad relief that left me running up the MBTA stairs effortlessly the next day. Thank you Jeff! :)

— Alex B., Jamaica Plain, MA

Source: Full Slate


★★★★★ 9/15/2014

Jeff was fantastic! He focused on all of my problem areas, while also following up with great advice to compliment the treatment. He was knowledgeable, professional and did a great job! I will definitely be a repeat customer!

— Mark K., Waltham, MA

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★★★★★ 4/4/2014

Having recently gone back to the gym after a two month hiatus my muscles were extremely sore post workout . I called up Jeff expecting a relaxing massage to relieve some stress. Little did I know I would not only wake up the next day stress-free but also with no sore muscles whatsoever.

— MP, East Boston, MA

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★★★★★ 2/27/2014

Jeff always leaves me feeling refreshed and energized after receiving a massage from him. He's very attentive to areas that are troubling you and uses targeted techniques to relieve the areas that you identify, in addition to receiving a relaxing massage. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

— Tim L., Chelsea, MA

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