Classic relaxation massage consists of long, flowing strokes to all areas of the body including the scalp, face, neck, shoulders, torso, abdomen, back, arms, hands, buttocks, legs and feet. Swedish massage is the modality of choice for a full relaxation treatment.

There are many advantages of Swedish massage, including the physical and psychological benefits of touch, reducing stress and tension, and limbering up joints, tendons and muscles. Swedish massage also aids in assessing and preparing tissue for deeper work.

In most cases, clients disrobe completely for effective Swedish massage but are invited to do so to their level of comfort. In other words, if you're anxious about removing undergarments, then keep them on! Clients will be draped appropriately so that only the area being worked will be modestly exposed. Client safety and comfort shall be respected at all times. If you have any concerns prior to your treatment, your massage therapist will be happy to describe and demonstrate the draping style and answer any questions you may have.

Swedish massage may not be recommended for clients with certain contagious conditions, recovering from recent injury or surgery, taking certain medications or who may be pregnant. Please share your complete medical history so that your massage therapist can ensure you are given the most effective treatment possible.