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Jeff is absolutely wonderful. I cannot suggest him enough as he is both an excellent masseuse and has the kindest spirit. I plan on continuously booking sessions with him as a groundwork of overall wellness and self care as often as I can!

Thanks, Jeff!
— Emerson Boyle
I did my initial session with Jeff. Better than anticipated. Relaxing space and he worked the areas I requested with more focus as well as the overall massage. I am working on incorporating a visit on a routine basis.
— D.T. Faas
Jeff is a gifted massage therapist, very attentive, intuitive, and present with his work.
— Blake Rawdin

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Jeff is great!

He made me comfortable immediately in a very safe, respectful, soothing and clean environment.

In terms of the massage itself, he was very focused on understanding the nature of my needs and adapting his approach to the massage therapy to suit in a very mindful manner. I also appreciated that he focused on teaching me tricks and tips afterwards to treat myself to create a more sustainable solution for me.

Jeff is also fun to talk to during the massage - we talked about all sorts of topics during our time together.

Already booked my second massage with him!
— Arif K., San Francisco, CA
Going to a masseur for the first time can be a pretty daunting task because if they’re terrible, you could be stuck for an hour on the table, cursing every person who gave the place a good review and counting down the seconds until you get to run back home. That, is a lot of seconds.

Luckily for me, Jeff was fantastic! I came in with a pain in my left lower back due to overtraining that refused to ease up even after staying away from the gym for 10 days and getting a (really expensive) sports massage at a fancy place in the city. Jeff heard me out, asked some questions and quickly got to work. The massage itself felt really relaxing at the time but the best thing about it was when I woke up the next day, the pain was almost gone. A couple more days and I was back in the gym enjoying my back squats again. I also appreciated him going over the 1 hour time slot to explain some of the things I could be doing to help reduce the pain.

He’s friendly, the place is welcoming, the playlist is great and the massage is awesome. I couldn’t have asked for more!
— Nitin D., San Francisco, CA
Jeff is very thoughtful about how he approaches your massage based on your needs and limitations. He helped me to pay attention to the places I was holding tension, and spent some time with me at the end of the session talking about ways I could move forward more mindfully.

I felt really cared for, and appreciate the serene space he provides. At times I felt like I was floating, and I left with a feeling of well being. I think this guy is a healer, seriously.
— Christopher D., San Francisco, CA

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